Dora Larsen

Designed the logo and branding for a colourful, contemporary lingerie company based in London.


HP Sprocket

Designed the digital marketing campaign assets for HP’s portable printer - HP Sprocket.


Marisella Beach

Designed a fresh new logo for a laid back beach club in Tuscany, Italy.


Lenovo - X1 Series

Art direction and digital design for a video promoting Lenovo’s latest series of consumer laptops. Created the storyboard and screen assets used in the video.


Yoga Laptops

Designed and animated a micro GIF series illustrated some of the unique features designed specifically for newest Yoga Laptops.


Mizuno Golf

Designed the UI overlay used to navigate the Real-Time 3D web product viewer plug-in. This allows customers to engage with the product offering in a new and immersive way.

preview-royalbritishlegionlogo copy.png

Royal British Legion

Designed the poster design for the Royal British Legions Poppy Day campaign.